SUMMARY: system coming up - not

From: rick francis <>
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 17:55:56 EDT
truely incredible.

never execute:

chmod -R g-w /etc
be very careful modifying permissions under /etc.

not sure exactly what locked up the boot sequence, but
running this command sure did fix it:

pkgchk -R /a -a -f -n -v

this resets the permissions to files found in
/var/sadm/install/contents, but relative to /a (had to
boot off the cdrom).

this is likely a command worth remembering.

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usually 'system comming up' precedes the login prompt
on a boot.

the kernel loads and the device tree loads, but then
suddenly, after plumbing interfaces and setting the
hostname, this 420 running solaris8 shifts all
to the far right of my screen in a single column,
finally hanging. i've waited, but nothing moves. i
broke to ok> and booted off the cdrom -s but i can
discovery nothing wrong.

same results with boot -s, boot -sv, boot -v.

i've tried adding 'echo' statements to every rc
but i never get any output to screen.

how could this be and what to do to fix it??


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