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From: Raj, Dilip <>
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 13:39:10 EDT
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Sun Gurus,

When I am using rsh commands to execute remote shell command, it gives me

riley#  rsh monroe ls -al
monroe: monroe: cannot open

But, if I do it reverse, it works.

monroe# rsh riley ls -al

It works.

my .rhosts file has entry for both nodes. 

What else I need to do to use rsh commands.
Many thanks to 
Dan Astoorian	
Tim Chipman	

I am quoting Dan's response. 
It has to do with my PATH. It was looking at /usr/lib first rather than

Here it is:

his looks like the "rsh" command you're using is the "restricted shell"
(/usr/lib/rsh; see rsh(1m) as opposed to rsh(1)) instead of the "remote
shell" command (/usr/bin/rsh or /usr/ucb/rsh).  The two commands have
the same name, but are unrelated.

Check your $PATH on riley, and make sure /usr/lib does not come before
/usr/bin; or, use "remsh" instead of "rsh", or type "/usr/bin/rsh"
explicitly to run remote shells.

Both /etc/hosts files an .rhosts files were correct on both machines.
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