SUMMARY: Problems getting a brand new E4500 to boot?

From: Michael S. Peek <>
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 09:43:48 EDT
Thank you all for your timely response.  I was able to get a solution in under
thirty minutes.  Here is a summary:

An Enterprise 4500 comes out of the box with diag-switch set to true in the
eprom.  As a result, while I was able to do a JumpStart installation without
any problems, when the machine rebooted, instead of booting from the disk, it
would try to boot from the net again.

My first attempts to solve the problem were to set boot-device to
/sbus@2,0/SUNW,socal@d,10000/sf@0,0/ssd@w2200002037e38106,0 (a.k.a c0t0d0s0).
Without understanding how the diag-switch causes the machine to boot from
diag-device instead of boot-device, this failed to solve the problem.  The
machine was still trying to boot via 'boot net'.

(For some reason as yet unknown to me, modifying the nvramrc to contain 
"devalias disk /sbus@2,0/SUNW,socal@d,10000/sf@0,0/ssd@w2200002037e38106,0" as
the first line seemed to fix the problem, although my understanding is that
this is not a correct fix.)

The solution was to set diag-switch to false and doublecheck the key to make
sure that it is not in the diag position on the console.  After doing this I
was able to reset the machine and have it boot up properly.

Thank you again for your support,

Michael Peek
Received on Thu Jun 28 14:43:48 2001

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