SUMMARY: Netra X1 Password Recovery

From: Todd McLain <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 04:04:45 EDT
Thanks to all who replied:
Jonathon Jackson
Noel Hunt
Arvinder Dadhwal
Deependra Srivastava
Harry Ford
Petri Kalberg

Most of the ideas included booting from cdrom/network, the only problem with
booting from the cdrom is that the NetraX1 has no cdrom (this is what I
would have done on any other Sun box.)   What I was really looking for was
some sort of method of launching sys-unconfig either from the LOM or the OK
prompt.  It appears that tomorrow I will be attempting to implement the
suggestion I received from both Jonathon and Petri:  Setting up a Jumpstart
server and booting from there.

Here is the response I got from Petri:

>Sounds like you're in trouble :)
>If the root password is lost you need a console for ttyA.
>And since X1 can't boot from cdrom, you have to have also
>a jumpstart server to boot the system from network into
>single-user-mode. Then mount / -partition and edit
>/etc/shadow to reset the root password.

Again, thanks to all who replied,


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Subject: Netra X1 Password Recovery

Does anybody have a method for recovering / accessing a Netra X1?  We have
one of these Netra's that a young engineer started configuring, then walked
away from for about a week, and low and behold when he came back he couldn't
remember the password.  To make matters worse, we have no command prompt
access as he had not yet created any accounts, nor finished the network
configuration.  We need some type of access to be able to run sys-unconfig.
Any ideas???

I will summarize.

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