SUMMARY: setting up a terminal concentrator for a sun cluster

From: Mark Lewis <>
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 11:50:10 EDT

much as though there are a potentially large number of combinations of
factors leading to successfully getting a monitor:: prompt on the annex
server when using it as a terminal concentrator for a sun cluster, it is
vital the correct cable be used to connect the dumb terminal to the server

special thanks to Seth Rothenberg and John Phillips and Mark Bolton.  they
suggested i look at

xylogics info:

pin out info:

installation instructions:

i found that a cable pinned out identically to the ones supplied to connect
the cluster nodes to the annex server with either a gender bender or cabled
to go 25 pin female to rj45 will allow connection to the annex (this was
correct for my dumb terminal anyway).

to get the monitor prompt:

0) i had my dumb terminal set to 9600 baud and 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop
bit; this differs from the supplied cluster documentation from sun who
suggest using 7 bits.  this may need playing with
1) annex is off.  press and hold the test button
2) with the test button still depressed, switch on the annex
3) the power LED will start flashing almost, if not, immediately
4) lift your finger from the test button, and all the LEDs will come on, and
go off again.  DO NOT press the test button again, even briefly, until they
have gone out
5) wait 1 second and then press the test button.  you know you have done
this correctly because the orange test LED will come on and stay on
6) after a shortened boot, the annex attention LED will come on and the boot
will seem to halt.  at this point the monitor:: prompt should come on the
dumb terminal monitor


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