Summary: Printing to Novell Print Queues from Solaris.

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Answer to Printing to Novell Print Queues from Solaris is the following procedure:

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Remote computers supporting LPR protocol can print to NetWare printers using the UNIX-to-NetWare print service. In addition to setting up this print
service as
described in Managing Print Services you must configure your Solaris* host as follows.

Use this procedure to configure the Solaris system:

Log in to the UNIX host as root by typing

root <Enter>

The host prompts you for the root account's password.

Type the password for the root account and press <Enter>.

The host logs you in to the system as root and displays the desktop.

If the NetWare server is not listed in the /etc/hosts file on your Solaris host, do the following:

Start the system administration utility from the shell tool by typing

admintool <Enter>

The utility displays the administration application icons.

Start the Database Manager application by double-clicking on the Database Manager icon.

The application displays the Main Menu.

>From the Main Menu, make the following selections:

Add Entry

The utility displays a form in which you can enter the host information.

Enter the name and address of the NetWare server into the Host Name and IP Address fields and click on Add.

The application saves the information and creates the host entry.

Click on the Printer Manager.

The Utility displays the Printer Manager window.

Click the Edit button.

The utility displays the Edit menu.

Select the Add Access to Remote Printer option.

The utility displays the Access to Remote Printer pop-up window.

Fill out the form with the following information:

Printer Name---the name of the NetWare print queue.
Printer Server---the name of the NetWare Server:
Comment---descriptive information to identify the printer.
Printer Server OS---type of UNIX system capability on the NetWare server. Choose BSD.
System Default---whether the system defaults to the remote printer. The default is No.

Click the Add button to save the information.

Click in the upper left-hand corner of the window to exit.

The application returns to the desktop.

Click on the abbreviated window menu button and select Quit to exit the Printer Manger.

Try printing to the NetWare printer with the following command:

lp -d NetWare_printer_name filename

Examine the NetWare queue on the NetWare server by typing the following command:

lpstat NetWare_queue
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