SUMMARY: IP multipathing and Oracle, apache

From: Christopher Ciborowski <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 11:31:40 EDT
Thanks to Blake for this response.

To: Christopher Ciborowski
Subject: Re: IP multipathing and Oracle, apache

I have used it with Apache before. No issues, except that the multipathing
3 IP addresses total. While the failover interface will take over the IP
of the failed interface, you will need 2 extra /real/ IP's. I would have
to be able to just use 1 IP, since they can be scarce. It's possible that I
overlooked something during setup, but basically says the same
If IP address space isn't an issue for you then it shouldn't be a problem.
/shouldn't/ have any problems with it, as long as it is binding the listener
to an
IP rather than an interface. Also take into consideration the fact that you
to set local-mac-address (eeprom) to true so that each interface uses a
MAC address. This may not affect oracle, but we have some apps that encode
MAC address in an MD5 checksum, which fails with this type of a setup. Let
me know
if you find a way of doing this with no extra IP's. Good luck.

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?
> All, 
> Was wondering if anyone has used Solaris 8 IP multipathing with Oracle or
> Apache.  Issues?  Considerations?
> I will summarize.
> Thx.
> Chris
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