SUMMARY: difference between touch /reconfigure and boot -r

From: Christian Iseli <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 16:23:43 EDT

Question was:
> is there a difference between doing:
>  a. "touch /reconfigure; reboot"
> and doing
>  b. "reboot -- -r" (or typing "boot -r" at the PROM) ?
> Or even:
>  c. "touch /reconfigure; reboot -- -r" ?

Thanks to all those who answered.  So far:
Christopher L. Barnard, Robert Boldin, Vinnie German,
John Marrett, Cian O'Sullivan, James Fredrickson, Moti Levy,
Mike Kiernan, Luc Van Calster, Bertrand Hutin, Frederic Piard,
Buddy Lumpkin, and Johan Hartzenberg

All of whom, except one, assert: they are all the same.

One thought that "touch /reconfigure" would be equivalent to a "sys-unconfig",
but I'm pretty sure it is *not* the case.

A few people pointed out, rightly, that it is much nicer to the system to do:
# touch /reconfigure; init 6
rather than
# reboot -- -r
as the first case allows the shutdown scripts to run (reboot bypasses those).

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