SUMMARY: sendmail question (masquerading)

From: Tony Tran <>
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 12:14:00 EDT
My Original question:

>My mail server is running Solaris 2.7, sendmail
>When I send mail from any sun on the net, it
>automatically add this mailhost entry in addition to
>the domain name to my outgoing email address (from
>for example  my email will be:
>I would like to modify sendmail to remove my mailhost
>portion of the email address so that my email will be

The unamimous answer is to equate the DM entry
(masquerading) with your domain name in your file; stop and start sendmail. I have
tried it and it worked
Thanks to many respondents who were quick to point
this out.

There is one slight problem that I found out:
Maquerading only change the From  line and the
"Reply to" line in the header. It does *not* change
the "to" line. So if I send mail to
I still see the on the
"to" line in my email.

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