SUMMARY: Root partition on ss5

From: Feng Qiu <>
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 07:40:54 EDT
Hello, all,
Thanks for all responses, it is too many to list.
The solution is that forget the installation CD, boot on software 1 of 2
CD, and the root partition will start at 0 cynlinder. The root partition
must smaller than 2GB for SPARC stations, no limitation for ULTRAs.
According to the response, if partition /var and /opt separately, /var
and /opt can be excluded out the 2GB root partition, I haven't verify it
Feng Qiu

> Hello, all,
> I have ST39204LC 9GB disk on ss5. I am trying to install solaris8. The

> prom version is 2.24. I chose 512 MB swap space and it is in the
> beginning of disk. I chose 1900MB of root partition, it will fail to
> reboot after install software. When I chose 1800 MB root partition, it

> will give a error message: disk read error. read short. But it will
> continue to boot up, and works OK.
> Greg Onufer <> point out to me that because
> the swap partition is before root partition, my root partition is
> 2GB limits. So I try to chose swap partition start at 1100 cyclinders,

> This time I even cannot pass through the installer, I guess that the
> installer is still put root partition after swap. Then I try to come
> back the partition used to work: 512 swap and 1800 root. But it won't
> work any more. Then I chose 400 swap and 1800 root, it give error on
> reboot, but it works.
> How can I make sure the root partition is start at 0 cynlinder?
> Why 500+1800 or 400+1800  >> 2048 are still woring?
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