SUMMARY SunSAI/P board (this is embarrassing)

From: Bill Fenwick <>
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 11:19:22 EDT
Sorry to bother you all with this... if I had waited an extra 10 seconds and
downloaded one more piece of documentation, I would have answered the question on
my own.

Anyway, the answer is yes, we will need to upgrade to the SunSAIP 3.0 drivers to
use the serial ports with Solaris 8.

> Hi, folks
> Apologies if this is in the archives... I couldn't find it.
> A client of ours has an E450 server.  The application they're running required
> multiple serial ports, so we got the SAI card with the eight-port box,
> installed it in the machine, and configured it.
> Here's the thing:  they are running Solaris 2.6 5/98 on the machine, and
> that's the version of the drivers we installed.  I'm not sure of the exact
> version number, but I'm guessing it's SunSAIP 2.0.  We need to upgrade the
> OS to Solaris 8, and I'm wondering whether that version of the drivers will
> work with Solaris 8 or if we have to upgrade to a newer version (3.0?)  The
> documentation doesn't mention Solaris 8, but this was purchased long before
> Solaris 8 came out, so no surprise there.
> TIA and IWS.

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