SUMMARY: OS upgrade with attached A1000

From: John Martinez <>
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 22:45:12 EDT

Hello all,

New to this list.

I have an E250 system running Solaris 2.6 that I would like to upgrade
to Solaris 8.

This same system also has an A1000 array. I would like to upgrade the
system (initial install, wipe clean, repartition), but I would like to
preserve the data on the A1000. I understand that I will be reinstalling
RAID Manager on the new OS, but want to make sure that reinstalling RAID
Manager doesn't mess with the data on the A1000's disks.

Has anybody done this?

As an update, I am running RAID Manager 6.22 on Solaris 2.6.


I will not be able to verify this until July, but here is a summary:

This should work without any problems.

Some cautions:

* Make sure you have a good backup
* Install the latest patches on Solaris 8
* Install the latest firmware on A1000
* Make sure you are running RM6.22 on Solaris 8
* You may need to power cycle your A1000
* Disconnect the A1000 when installing the OS

Thanks go to:

Jason Grove
Gary Carr
Joe Fletcher
Erin Jones

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