Summary: non-interactive Jumpstart, E10K, and Solaris 8: how

From: <>
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 08:09:20 EDT
Thanks to everybody who helped.

For a complete hands-off installation I had to
- Rewrite the ssp_begin-script to ssp_auto that automatically
   sets the name and address of the SSP
- Use the following keywords in the profile (and not in the
  sysidcfg, as the Sun Service suggested)
   - isa_bits 64
   - geo C_Europe

And I made a silly mistake:
For quite a time I used "boot net" to see wether the
domain boots from the SSP at all. The domain will then be
installed if it does not own an OS already. If, however,
it has a functioning OS, then it will offer to upgrade
(although I put "install_type initial_install" in the profile).
Obviously, the booting procedure does not look into the
profile. Once I used "boot net - install" again, everything went fine.

There is still one thing that doesn't seem to work. The root_password
is not set, althoug there is a root_passwort=... in the sysidcfg-file.


Dr. Thomas Rose

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