SUMMARY - Any successfull installs of Solaris for Intel on Dell P Cs?

From: Bobby Ramirez <>
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 20:16:24 EDT
After I had select 1. Solaris Interactive, for the type of installation I wanted,  the boot would bomb during the Boot Kernel/Unix section. The pc would just reboot. I was able to see the following error:

Booting Kernel/Unix
"skipping system dump, no dump device configured".

Many, many, many, thanks to all who replied to my question, a lot of very useful information for Solaris on Intel. A special thanks to Chris Green, who actually has several Dell pc's of varying models running Solaris. His company can actually be considered a test-bed for Solaris on Intel equipment. 

The solution was to change from a DELL Optiplex GX 115 to an Optiplex GX 110. I did have to swap the video card to an ATI rage64. By the way the onboard nic card works just fine.

When doing the installation I booted from the software CD number 1. The install is not that much different from an install on a sparc workstation.

Bobby Ramirez
Information Services
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