Followup : The Kernel Source and Solaris 8 Free/Binary License

From: Adam <adam_at_PerfectGenius.Com>
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 12:36:43 EDT
Ok, a lot of people have explained to me about the Solaris 8 Kernel source
and have pointed me to and the Media
kit (~$80 US). Now, heres what I am stuck with, after I have found that

People say it all loads dynamically, Ok. I accept that, but I am trying to
compile IPF, as compared to SunScreen because i just *cannot* seam to get
that working right, the situation I want to create is to build a nice NAT
machine to gateway a Internal network with full *firewalled* access to a
External network.

IPF Wants to build as a LKM or Into the kernel it self, which lead me to
do some research on the kernel it self, and looks like its for *older*
versions of Solaris, but I have also read of people using IPF with S8 and
no mention of downloading the Source.

Anyone want to give me any idea's about IPF, or a *better* way to do what
I want to with my network?

BTW I am (right now) only using the 1 Interface (le0) as I am waiting for
either a QE or HME adapter.

Thanks to everyone that responded so quickly!

-- adam
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