SUMMARY: Booting a Netra T1 from an external cdrom

From: Harry Ford <>
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 22:35:39 EDT
Thanks to those who responded. The solution to the problem was to look at
the output from probe-scsi-all, get the bus path for the external CDROM,
create a new alias with
 nvalias ext_cd /path/to/ext/scsi/disk@6,0:f
 boot ext_cd

the "disk@6,0:f" was what I was missing.  the 6 is the SCSI ID, don't know
what the ",0" is and the ":f" is the default slice for bootable cdroms.

if you type devalias, you'll see a similar entry for the cdrom alias --
but the Netra I had was looking for the internal IDE CD (and tweren't none

Thanks again,
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