Summary: Network monitoring

From: Tony Brown <>
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 16:30:58 EDT
Thank you for all of your suggestions, and good ones they were!

Specifically thanks to:

Jesse Becker
Bruce R. Zimmer
Thomas Knox
Tim Gallagher
Jonathan Katz
David Evans
Michael Grice
Ed Mitchell

The problem turned out to be DNS reverse lookup related and is being
corrected as we speak.

Some suggestions that I received were:

* General Monitoring tool, Big Brother :
* A useful script to monitor the network
* DNS reverse lookup failure/timeout
* Negotiation speed of the ethernet switch
* Incorrect netmask/routing
* Problem with the switch/hub routing
* Packet sniffers
* use truss

Thanks much guys!!!

The original post was:

Our network is experiencing delays in connections from various machines to
other machines on a consistent basis.  I have snooped extensively and not
found any reason for this in examing packets.  My question is:  Might you
suggest a network monitoring tool that would allow me to deduce the cause
of delay in packets?

Specifically, I have machine a and b in lets say in chicago, front-ended by
a firewall.  I have machine d in detroit, front-ended by a router.  When i
telnet from a to d there is an immediate connection.  When I telnet from b
to d, there is a 76 second delay.

Tony Brown
Unix Administrator
Received on Fri May 18 21:30:58 2001

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