SUMMARY: SAR log analysis

From: Thomas Knox <>
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 16:33:18 EDT
Thanks to:

Paul Teasdel
Martin Hepworth
Bertrand Hutin
Mike Ekholm

Bertrand sent some Perl scripts to do extraction and insertion into a French
Paul suggested x-sarte: and sarge: X-sarte looked great, but I could
not get it to work with several hours of playing with it. V1.0 is free, but
V2.0+ is US $29.95.
Martin also suggested sarge and perfgraph: Perfgraph looks like x-sarte, but
it costs US $1,495.

Unfortunately, none of the solutions worked for me, either too expensive or
just plain didn't work. Thanks for your responses. Original message below.


> Hello,
> We have some production machines that have SAR logfiles saved for 1 year
> a time. Recently management has asked for us to take some of this old data
> and create graphs of it. I don't want to have to run sar on the old files
> and enter the data in by hand to a spreadsheet (e.g. "sar -f mar03 -u -s
> 07:00:00 -e 18:00:00 | mailx -s SAR me"), and I'm pretty sure that someone
> else has needed to do this before.
> Is there an application that will read native SAR logs, pull out relevant
> data and generate graphs of the data viewable offline? I know I can use
> "sag" but that won't really help us (I can't ask management to log in,
> an xterm and run an arcane command).
> Thanks, and I will summarize.
> Tom
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