SUMMARY Swapping Hostnames and IP addresses

From: Ahmed, Nabeel <>
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 14:33:10 EDT
Thanks all guys. I do read the list, and search the summaries before
posting, but the reason I still post these simple questions is that there is
always soemthing new which is available. 
Apart from the usual replies about sys-unconfig, I also got a cute script
Fred Hall. I can mail it if anyone is interested.
One important step that I had missed out was to have the systems off the
network before changing any ip's.


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I have two machines system1 and system2.
I need to system1 is the development system and system2 is the production.

I want to make system1 the production and system2 development.
Due to the way the application and DNS are setup, I need to swap the
hostnames and ip's to make it work, apart from copying over data.

I think the following steps would be ok:
a) Copy over required data from system2 to system1.
b) Change hostname and ip on system1 ( commands to be used? )
c) Shutdown system1.
d) Change hostname and ip on system2.
e) Reboot system2.
f) Powerup system1.

I expect that once both the systems are up, system1 would effectively be in
production and system2 would be the development box, and the change would be
transparent to the applications as well as the users.

I will summarize.

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