SUMMARY:multiple dialin lines?

From: David Stern <>
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 08:31:38 EDT
>   Original Query
>Is it possible to install more than one (or two) serial ports on a sun 
>(eg a low-end  Ultra class) in order to have 3 (or more) dialin lines?

Perhaps I should have gone into greater details of the need. We have an
ancient dialin device that "often" works. I can buy a kick-arse self-contained
unit from cisco (2600 series router with 8 port network module and 56K modems)
but that would cost on the order of $6K and there would still be the issue
of security/password-management. I like the idea of somehow connecting modems
directly to a sun where security can be easily locked down, users could
have a restricted shell to eg only change their password, crack could be
used to enforce passwords and BTW, we have bunches of low-end suns (Sparcs
and an Ultra or two).  Furthermore, we generally only have no more than 
two, possibly three lines in use simultaneously so were it possible to 
connect two or three 56K modems to one or two suns that could operate
simultaneously, this could be a cheap solution.  I haven't made a choice
yet but everyones input was invaluable. Thanks to the following people 
(and those still about to answer ;)

Julian Simpson
Ken Germann
Mike Salehi
Seth Rothenberg
Jay Lessert
John T. Douglass 


Several pointed me to Digi for port concentrators, others to terminal

Useful URLs include:

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