Summary: stressing machine

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Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 12:08:04 EDT

Thanks for all people who answered.

Almost people told me about sunvts,  which is available from the or the "Software Supplement for The
Solaris 7 Operating Environment" cd. Add the SUNWvts, SUNWvtsmn and
SUNWvtsx packages and fire up vtstty or vtsui program depending on whether
you want the command line or the graphical version. When installing, the
packages will issue a warning that the SUNWsycfd package (to be found on the
same CD) is not installed. This package is not needed for testing so it can
safely be ignored.

Someone told me about setiathome, it is a program that use most of the CPU. You may start many at the
same time.

My original question was:

We need some tips about how can we stressing a sun machine, as 
run processes that consume all CPU?s and memory.

I think there are tools or commands that can do it.

Could someone give me suggestions or tips about?


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