SUMMARY: Creating an intentional bottleneck on ethernet interfac e

From: Reichert, Alan <>
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 08:42:22 EDT
Thanks to:

	Marc Newman
	James Lick
	Rick Francis
	Joe Fletcher
	Mike Salehi

Answer is "no" since the drivers do not support 1mbps speeds.  However,
a few folks did point me towards the Sun Bandwidth Manager, which I'm
looking into now.  There was also a suggestion to look at hardware
solutions such as something called a "packeteer".

There were also suggestions of running through other protocols (X.25, 
etc), or using Spray to try to cause collisions.  I prefer not to 
have to rig up other protocols on this project, and I don't believe spray 
will accomplish what I want, here.

Thanks, all.

- Alan

Original question:

"There have been numerous discussions here about setting half-full duplex,
10 vs 100 speed, etc, on hme?.  Is there any way to reduce the speed of
an interface any further?  For example, reduce hme0 from 100mbps
to 1mbps?  Yes, that is a "one", not a typing error."
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