SUMMARY - Invisible Directory

From: George Rajapaksa <>
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 12:33:44 EDT
Hello All,

Many thanks to all that responded. 

My original symptom:

ls not showing files/directories ending in "01".
Summery of responses:

1.	Learn to read the _archives_ you have been hacked!

2.	See these messages from recent weeks:

And the CERT advisory:

Thanks to:
Dan Riley 
John C. Julian
Grant Lowe
Cristopher J. Rhea
John W. Funk
Eric Paul
Jay Lessert
David Evans
Thomas Knox
Michael DeSimone
Seth Rothenberg
Scott D. Yelich
Paul R. Hybert
Mark Cain
Al Hopper
Chris Marble
Ric Anderson
Brett Lymn
Martin Akesson
Tom Crummey
Joe Fletcher
Dave Floyed    

George Rajapaksa.
Received on Mon Apr 30 17:33:44 2001

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