SUMMARY: Undeletable Route

From: Gil Gilliland <>
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 10:13:00 EDT
Many thanks to:

Dan Anderson
Peter McLarty
Dave McFerren
Mark Lewis
Martin Akesson
Jim Taylor
Nicole Skyrca

Jim Taylor provided the best summary of the solution to the problem
involved an unusual netmask on the route) and I include his answer
Many thanks to all who replied.

------- included message --------
I've seen this one before, and the answer is not obvious. 
If it's what I think, then the response you're getting from 
the system is correct -- it doesn't have the route you're 

It's what is hidden that is hurting you.  Add -v to your 
netstat request, e.g. # netstat -rnv 

That will show you the masks associated with your routes. 
Now use the specific netmasks in your route delete. 

For example, if you are currently doing 
# route delete net 
and the netstat -rnv shows you a mask of 
associated with this route, then try 

# route delete net 

or whatever applies to your networks.  In some cases you 
may also need to add a metric to the end if it's more than 
one hop away. 

----- Original Query ------
I've got a strange problem.

I have a server with a route I can't delete

I do a netstat -rn and the route shows up there.
I do a 'route delete net network_addr gateway_addr'
and route responds with  "route not in table"

I futzed and futzed with this to no avail.
I even tried adding the route (which it shouldn't do
becuase it's already in the route table).  that worked.
netstat -rn shows both routes (looking exactly the same
except that one has had traffic and one didn't).  Do a route
delete and the one I added is removed, the original is still
there and can't be removed.

It is not a host route (tried that even though netstat did
not show it as a host route).

Normally I would reboot the server but for various reasons
I'd prefer avoid that for a few days.

Any thoughts?

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