SUMMARY: resolution change after power fail

From: Lynette Bellini <>
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 11:26:37 EDT
My programmer now admits that he "might have changed some things in
his dot files", which is the real resolution to the problem, but I got
some good suggestions back:

Have you checked out the output of "ffbconfig -info" (i think that is
the correct switch) I remember that I had a similar problem and some
how my screen resolutions got screwed up.

"Noah Alvarez Jr.

There is apossibility that the monitor did not power up in time for its
capabilities to be read by the system. Therefore the system would default
the resolution to a lower one. Try restarting the system with the monitor
switched on. You may need to power off the system.

Tom Crummey

try a stop N to reset the defaults.

clifford thurber

Try xdpyinfo(1) on the two boxes to make sure he didn't somehow get
yanked from 1280x1024 to 1152x900, or something.  That would have the
effect you describe without being blatently obvious.

Jay Lessert 

I wonder if, for some reason, when phish came back up, it selected a
different screen resolution (1280x1024 vs 1152x900 vs 1024x768 - those are
about 11-12% changes which is close to your estimate of 8%). Perhaps the
EEPROM data got screwed up somehow (or manually changed) between the previous
boot and this power-fail reboot.

Tim Pointing

Thanks everyone for responding.

Lynette Bellini
Systems Administrator
University of Minnesota

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