SUMMARY: Whose are these - pub_alisten/dlisten?

From: John Horne <>
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 04:58:38 EDT

As always many thanks to those who replied:

Justin Stringfellow <Justin.Stringfellow@Sun.COM>
(David B. Harrington) <>
Jay Lessert <>
Jeffrey Pyne <>

Duh! As was suggested if I ran 'lsof' then that would show me who was using
these files (actually named pipes). It turned out that they are used by our
APC UPS software! Since we run a mixture of APC and Merlin-Gerin UPS's,
hence the files appear on some systems and not on others.

Other solutions were to run various forms of the 'find' command and then
pick out the relevant file names, however this is a bit 'blunt' compared to
lsof :-)

With respect to the 'locate' command, this is part of the GNU findutils
package available at (among many other mirror sites):

However, since these were Solaris 8 systems, I found 'glocate' in
/opt/sfw/bin. This was installed from the software supplement CD that came
with Solaris 8. All I have to do now is run gupdatedb (via cron) every so
often to keep the database up todate.



Original question:

On 19-Apr-01 at 13:05:31 John Horne wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what the /tmp/pub_alisten and /tmp/pub_dlisten files
> are used by/for? They appears as:
>   prw-rw-rw-   1 root     root           0 Mar  6 17:03 pub_alisten
>   prw-rw-rw-   1 root     root           0 Mar  6 17:03 pub_dlisten
> They appear on *some* of our Solaris 8 systems but not all of them.
> Unfortunately some of our systems are the original Solaris 8, and others 8
> 10/00 so it seems that they appeared somewhere since the original Solaris
> 8 version.
> They are not a problem, as far as I know, I just noticed that they were on
> some systems and not others.
> I could find no mention of them in /var/sadm/install/contents, nor doing
> something like 'find / -type f -name "*listen*"|xargs egrep -i alisten',
> nor in the Sun Managers archives, nor on Sun's own 'docs' system. However,
> that system seemed to recognise the name but didn't actually show me
> anything mentioning it. It found nothing for 'dlisten'.
> with respect to the above, is there a Solaris equivalent to the linux
> 'locate' command anywhere rather than me doing 'find /' ?

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