SUMMARY: Netra T1 panics

From: Merrell, Vince [IT] <>
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 06:54:12 EDT
Many thanks to all who responded.

Lots of people have suffered similar which isn't good.
Lots of people have had CPU's replaced by Sun as a "fix" for this.

Looking further and further into it, moving up to 105181-26 for 2.6 is
certainly a good move.

This obviously begs the question why Sun are willing to swap out an
expensive piece of hardware for what seems to be a well-known, well-reported
problem experienced by many customers when there's a possibility a patch can
fix the issue.

I suspect there *are* some faulty 400Mhz+ processors in the field with
ecache problems - that would certainly explain Sun's willingness to
part-swap so readily.

Thanks go the following for their opinions, experiences, thoughts and

Johan Hartzenberg
Edward Newman
Jennifer Holland
Scott Kulp
Andrew Ambrose
Richard McKinney
Steve Beuttel
John McIntire
Joe Fletcher


Vince Merrell
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