Follow on Summary: Limit of # of subdirectories or files (Solaris 8)

From: Andrew Diederich <>
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 14:02:09 EDT
Kevin just sent me the info on fstyp, so I'm including it for posterity.

Andrew Diederich

     You have to calculate the number of inodes from the output.  "ncg" is
the number of cylinder groups and "ipg" is the number of inodes per
(cylinder) group.  Therefore, multiplying the two gives you the number of
inodes in the filesystem.  Yes, you can also do a "df -o i /filesystem" and
get the number of inodes free / used as well (which is probably easier).
Hope this helps...

Kevin Buterbaugh
Received on Tue Apr 17 19:02:09 2001

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