Summary: Acrobat reader association file

From: Dinwiddie, Ron (TIFPC) <>
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 13:18:56 EST
Thanks to Michael Connolly, Deb Heller-Evans & Lars Hecking.  I used
Michael's recommended solution (it took about 5 seconds to run) and it
appears that it works just fine.  I have copied his response here for my
You want to run: /<Acrobat load-point

That should set up your association. I also put a soft link from <Acrobat
load-point dir>bin/acroread to /usr/bin/acroread so acroread is ALWAYS

Michael J. Connolly
==========end snip==========

Ron D

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Subject: Acrobat reader association file

Hi all,

I haven't set this up since '98, but I *think* this problem has to do with
creating a MIME file.  I have users accessing our Solaris 2.6 server and
using the default file manager to access their files.  When they
double-click on a .pdf file, it's not associated with our installed Acrobat
Reader.  I would like to create a global file that associates .pdf's to
Acrobat and if I remember correctly, it has to do with a mime configuration
file.  Our users $HOME/.cshrc file sources a global .cshrc file so they all
have the same basic environment.  I'm searching sunsolve as well as the
acrobat web site for this info, but have come up empty so far.  Can anyone
point me in the right direction?  

Ron D
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