SUMMARY: Ultra5 boot problem

From: Pavlo Baron <>
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 03:44:48 EST
Thanks to those who replied.

my org. message was:

I've got an Ultra5 workstation which I turn on only if there's something to
do with it. Sometimes (since 2 weeks = every day) I get a problem booting
the machine. There are allways different variants of how it fails, for

bad handshake '0' (----> before the banner comes) or
keyard not found (----> KEYBOARD???) or
1e,0 Nothing there (----> ?????) or
the serial number is set to 0!!!! or
host-id/ethernet address are corrupted and so on......

If I wait a little (just about 10 minutes) and then toggle the diag-switch?
to false and reset-all the machine seems to boot. Possibly it's the time the
machine needs to reach a level of temperature or a thing needs to get filled
up with power! Or have I got a blackout?

Surely there are some effects similar to those of a low NVRAM battery, but
serial number = 0 sometimes?????

all of you guys wrote the NVRAM chip is dead.
Special thanks to Martin Gabel for his description on replacing the chip -
here it is:

Martin Gabel:
for me it looks like a NVRAM problem. Especially the loss of the serial
number, and the 10min  waiting time 'till it comes up, are typical
indicators. So I suggest to replace the NVRAM chip. First of all it's quite
cheap (if NOT ordered from Sun) . Second, it's easy to replace and
re-programm the chip. And last but not least: when you have replaced the
chip and the errors still occur, you can be sure to have serious problems.
Replaceing NVRAM is quite easy:
Open the box.
Find the NVRAM (mostly got a yellow lable on it)
Determine the chips production number (should be something like:
M48Txx-xxPC1 or 511-M48xx-xxPC1)
Got a new one (cost: $5-15$), power off your machine and replace it.
Power on the box and wait (aprox. 5-10min) untill the box comes up.
Now we have to programm the IDPROM. Let's say we want to set the ethernet
adress to 'coffee' (or something else...) and the serial number
At your OK> prompt type (mind the spaces):

1 0 mkp
real-machine-type 1 mkp
8 2 mkp
0 3 mkp
20 4 mkp
c0 5 mkp
ff 6 mkp
ee 7 mkp
0 8 mkp
0 9 mkp
0 a mkp
0 b mkp
c0 c mkp
ff d mkp
ee e mkp
0 f 0 do i idprom@ xor loop f mkp (this will form the checksumm for the
entries above)

reboot the machine.
Please also refer: for more detailed

Pavlo Baron
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