SUMMARY: Veritas can't import rootdg after renaming system

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Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 06:40:36 EST
Thank you to all who responded.  The below answer from Matthew Keen was the
most useful answer, though I did not manage to get the problem sorted out
and started to find it hard to justify the effort in recovering vs the
effort in rebuilding the system.  Eventually I did rebuild the system and
it is now happy.

The below doesn't explicitly state it, but it would seem the approximate
correct order to rename a system with Veritas encapsulated boot disks is:

uname -S <newname>
vxdctl hostid <newname>
vxdctl init <newname>
cd /
init 6
log on and fix /etc/hosts and other files, eg under /etc/

> zactomud204 [/var/adm] # /usr/local/scripts/txtgrep "-l `hostname`" /etc
Building list of text files...
Done building list - found 597 text files. Starting search for RE

(In that order)  The second step automatically fixes the /etc/vx/volboot
file, so the file does not need to be manually modified.

It did not work for me and I am not sure why, but I could get the system to
boot into single-user mode only as it refused to mount /usr or /var, even
though these are on the same disk where root was mounted from.  Part of the
problem is that I did not have access to volume-manager functionality when
doing a net boot.  I will be looking into a net boot server with volume
manager "pre-installed", though I think licensing is going to be a

I did not do much testing with changing the vfstab entries back to the
original c0t0d0s0 type items or setting install-db mainly due to time
contraints.  For completeness' sake I also include the best response
detailing these, as per Vipin Sharma, and the original request I posted at
the bottom.


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This is direct from veritas support site :


What to do after changing the host name of the system


There is nothing that needs to be done if the host name of the system is
changed. However, once the Solaris name of the machine is changed, it is a
good idea to change the name in the /etc/vx/volboot file to match the new
host name for cleaner booking.

NOTE: Editing the volboot file may corrupt it.

VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) uses the value in the hostid field in the
volboot file and matches this with the hostid field in the private region
each of the disks VxVM imports. When the machine boots,  it will scan the
private regions on all the disks it can see, and if the fields match,  then
VxVM imports the disk group.

For example, the host name of the box is sptsunvcs3

sptsunvcs3> more /etc/vx/volboot
volboot 3.1 0.18
hostid sptsunvcs3 <----hostid

This is one of the private regions of the disks that has been imported:

Disk:   c1t12d0s2
type:   sliced
flags:  online ready private autoconfig autoimport imported
diskid: 998473977.1839.sprsunvcs3
dgname: msdg
dgid:   999267390.2270.sprsunvcs3
hostid: sptsunvcs3  <---hostid is the same

If the Solaris host name has been changed and the volboot file has been
updated to reflect the new name, then use the following command:

vxdctl  init  <new hostname>

This will update the private regions on any disks in imported disk groups.
If,  after running the vxdctl command,  some disk groups exist that were
imported, then manually import them after issuing the init command:

/usr/sbin/vxdg  import    newdg

When a disk group is manually deported,  then the hostid field will be
in the private region of the disk. Therefore when rebooting the server,
deported disk group will not be imported automatically. If that disk group
is to be imported automatically, then issue the following command:

/usr/sbin/vxdg  -t  import   newdg

This will import the group with the current host name of the server in the
private region field. To deport the group and have it auto imported during
the next boot, run the following command:

/usr/sbin/vxdg  -t   deport    newdg

The above holds the value in the private region of the disk instead of
making it blank, so it will be auto imported.




Matthew Keen

Remove the encapsulation
1. change the /etc/vfstab to all native devices e.g. cxtxdxsx instead of
2. change the /etc/system file
3. remove the /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/root-done
4. touch /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/install-db
and boot the system then do the vxinstall and encapsulate the boot disk
again , you shouild be all set.


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I am going to try the following but hopefully someone has got an easier

boot from net
rename system back to original name
boot from veritas volumes
remove the rootmirror
boot from the mirror disk
try to remove the original disk from the root dg
rename the system again to the new name
re-encapsulate the root disk
re-add the rootmirror

But i'm not sure if this will work.
Please let me know how this should be done ASAP, I have a system down!


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