SUMMARY:SCSI options for SunBlade 100

From: Michael Kiernan <>
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 09:57:21 EST
Just 2 answers from the list on this, but also some feedback
from the php forum at:
I was a bit over-paranoid in assuming this was going to cost
me an arm and a leg, but it turns out to be pretty damn cheap!!
- all the options offered are well within reason. Full answers
and the original post are below.

Also, I just racked up my blade with 128MB DIMMs at 75 zloty each
(translate that as 'they're giving them away!' in your local 
currency). I'm glad I steered clear of that grotty old sparc10
on Ebay after all ;-). Hopefully Santa will be forthcoming with
the scsi card and disk as well :-).

No answer on the firewire, but just interested, no love lost.

Thanks to:

Helen Petropoulos <>
Peter Stokes <>

cheers all,

Mike Kiernan

> Author: Stonent (
>  Date:   11-25-01 21:00
>  From 
>  "Dual-channel Symbios UW cards are in the $75 range right now, and are
>  fully supported by OBP including booting. This chipset is used in the
>  current Ultra line (U30/60/450 and others) as the native SCSI interface
>  (driver name is glm). Sun's dual-channel SCSI cards are just Symbios
>  53c875-based cards, they don't even change the name on the label."
>  Thats worth a try
> Hi Mike
> Stick to the Sun cards and their LSI equivalents. X5101A equivalent is
> 3140U.
> Peter

> Hello Michael,
> We just purchased a PCI scsi card for our Blade 100 from Sun.  It cost
> about $150.00. It's a single-channel, single-ended card and it works just
> fine.  You can purchase a multi-channel card for more money, depending on
> your needs, but if it's just a disk or two, the first option should be all
> that you need. 
> Don't know about the firewire.
> Good luck,
> Helen

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Subject: SCSI options for SunBlade 100
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 10:50:51 +0100
From: Michael Kiernan <>
Organization: S.A.

I'd like to know what options there are for a SCSI
card and disk for sunblade 100's. I'm not fussed about 
linux, just needs to run under solaris for now.

Also, I have a feeling I shouldn't ask, but does
anyone know what the story is with Blade's and Firewire?

many thanks,

Mike Kiernan

Michael Kiernan S.A.
Krakow, Poland
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