SUMMARY: SunCluster 3.0

From: Bond, Ryan <>
Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 12:16:43 EST
Hello All,
Thanks for the quick responses on SunCluster 3.0  
Here are some of the replies...
I saw your message in sun managers.We were going to impliment Sun Cluster
3.0, but decided it was too much of a hassle logisticaly 
that is. 
We wanted to evaluate it against Veritas Cluster Server and get an eval in.
We had two choices, one we had to have a trained Sun engineer come in and
show us how to set it up, manage and configure it, but this was only
contigent on a strong potential to buy, or like 99.9999% sure of purchasing
it ultimately, which we weren't sure of, since the project was depending on
a customer's needs.
The other route was to go for training and that would of cost us 3500.00
bucks, and then we could get eval hardware and software in. Sun was not very
helpful and very arrogant about it. So we decided to go with Veritas Cluster
Server and Veritas Oracle DB Edition which has Quick I/O.
Technically it looks like a decent product, but better than Veritas, is hard
to say, but unless you have a cozy relationship with your Sun rep and/or
customer engineer, I would consider Veritas. Also Sun Cluster 3.0 seems to
be better suited for custom applications that make use of MPI.
I read some of the docs, I would try and look over the docs, which you can
download from Sun along with the whitepapers. 
Good luck with your project.
My opinion is it's not worth the complexity. We've been using Sun Cluster
for a year now, it has never failed over successfully in the event of system
failure, everything just crashes.
We can fail over NFS manually, which is nice for system upgrades and testing
and such, but this convenience hasn't warranted the use of this product.
Also, we have it straight from the horse's mouth that there is no plan to
support load balancing in future versions, which was our main reason for
using this software.
You might want to look at Veritas Cluster.
Dave Foster
Works great...  just make sure you understand EVERYTHING about it BEFORE you

start to put it together.  There's a lot of things you need to do in a VERY 
specific order or you'll have to start all over again.
3800 is not cluster certified yet
Everyone I mention Sun Cluster to recommends Veritas Cluster Server. I'm not
sure why. I hear Veritas Cluster has a lot more features and is more stable
than Sun Cluster.
I run a couple of Sun clusters, hosting Oracle in an highly available
configuration, _not_ OPS.  We are on E3500, not the newer equipment.  In
this setup, we have had great support and the systems have performed as
advertised.  Our total downtime in the last year is less than 10 minutes.
This has _included_ maintenance windows for patch upgrades.
Setup, config, and doing maintenance, can be time consuming, but done

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