SUMMARY: Patching

From: Johnston Mark <>
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 04:34:22 EST
Thanks for all the replies, here are the basic steps ......
1)    Get the latest patch cluster from sunsolve for your particular
2)    Edit the patch order file to remove patches that you dont want
3)    Change into single user mode if possible
4)    Run the patch installer script and use the save feature (done by
5)    After all patches have been installed reboot the machine
6)    Pray

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Subject: Patching


The servers that I have inherited are way behind on patching ..... what
would be the best practise to get them into shape ? Things that I'm thinking
about are what if these patches break the system .... do I have to reboot
when completed ... do I just install the latest or do I have to install
gradually ?

Any help appreciated, 


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