[SUMMARY] Solaris 2.6 file size limitation

From: Osama Ahmed <osamaahmed_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 16:35:58 EST
Well, I got a flood of replies to my query. Thanks to everyone . 
Jonathan Jackson,Marc Alvidrez ,Thomas Knox,Darren Dunham,Jay Lessert
,Vern Walls,Ozgur C. Demir ,Mirko Schlottke, 
Jeff Kennedy, Hichael Morton, Micheal Wilkinson, John T. Douglass, Buddy
Lumpkin,Greg [greg@cheers.bungi.com],
Sampath Kari ,Rajendra More ,Riddoch, John E SITI-ITDSEP3,Carsten B.
Knudsen ,Panesar Tajinder ,
Kendall Lloyd ,Capser Dik, Steve Hammond, David Foster, Trevor Paquette.
Special thanks to Buddy Lumpkin who send a piece of code to test with.
if any body interesting in this code please contact 
Buddy at : [Buddy.Lumpkin@nordstrom.com]
My original post is below.
- Solaris 2.6 sure can handle files > 2 GB but applications may have to
be compiled against the appropriate system/interface calls in order for
it to work.
- Try to use largefiles mount option to mount file system where large
files reside and reuse the application. mount -o largfiles
/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0  /mnt
 - Solaris 2.6 _cannot_ use SWAP partitions > 2GB. You can have bigger
ones, but it will only use 2GB of the partition.
- Read more about largefiles at:
   man largefiles,man lfcompile,man interface64,man lfcompile64, man
- The problem was seen before with Oracle,
Quote Marc Alvidrez [ <mailto:cram@greenavenger.com>
cram@greenavenger.com] :

I had this problem with Oracle. I was exporting a db that was much
larger than 2GB, and by default Oracle attempts to create a single file
to hold the entire export. It could not do so; it kept failing at the
2GB mark. To make sure that largefile support was active, we
successfully tried making files >2GB with dd. In the end we had to use a
work-around suggested by Oracle. It was not the underlying OS that was
to blame for the problem with 2GB files, it was Oracle.

Unquote Marc Alvidrez

Thanks again.

Osama Ahmed

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Is it true that Solaris 2.6 can not handle file sizes > 2GB ?
I can issue the command "mkfile 3g test.dat " successfully , On the
other hand an application can not read/write files > 2GB.
Can anyone of the Gurus out there please explain this ?
Sorry if this question sounds primitive.
Appreciate any input.
Osama Ahmed

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