SUMMARY: Solaris Patchadd Problem

From: CIC Line <>
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 16:59:24 EST
Thank you much for your superfast replies!

My question focues on the general error message which appears in many 
patchadd processes including the patch cluster, not on the specific patch. 
The following answers are clear enough.
You have a great weekend!

This is not a problem, though the error message is somewhat misleading.
What it really means is thisL "*NONE* of the patch packages includes ..."
Which is a long way of saying: "this patch isn't applicable to your
system because it patches software you haven't installed".
The message is triggered when you:
- patch software you didn't install
- apply a Solaris X patch to Solaris Y (for X != Y)
- apply a Solaris/SPARC patch to Solaris/Intel (or Vice versa)
--- Casper Dik

You're missing the point of the exit message-
This patch is only applied to a system with specific software
installed on it. The general idea is that if you don't have the
C compiler installed, you can't apply a patch that fixes a bug
in the C compiler.
In your case, you're installing a patch that fixes something with
the ecpp driver. Perhaps you're running on a system where this driver
isn't installed because the hardware isn't present.
(You'll have a parallel port on systems like Ultra 10, 30, 60- but
NOT on systems like an Enterprise 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500.)
--- Cris Rhea

That either means that you don't have the package that it's supposed to 
patch (no big deal) OR you've messed up the permissions of the patch 
contents. If you untar'd the patch as a non-root user, you would have 
screwed up the perms and the patch will fail with the error you listed 
--- Thomas Lester"

As far as the patch itself, it is the ecpp parallel port patch for Solaris 
2.6. The error you received simply means that you do not have a ecppp 
parallel port. More than likely you have bpp which was out with older 
systems. The newer PCI based Sun systems use the ecpp paralle port. What 
system do you have? Probably SBus based, which would have definitely been 
bpp (parallel) and therefore you will get the error that you're getting. It 
is not a problem.
--- John Malick

I have a problem with Solaris patchadd command (I got the same problem on 
both Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 8):
# patchadd -d 105741-09
Checking installed patches...
One or more patch packages included in
105741-09 are not installed on this system.
Patchadd is terminating.
When read 'README.105741-09' file, I got:
Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch:
Patches which conflict with this patch:
Patches required with this patch:
Obsoleted by:
How can I know which patch(es) are included in this one?

Michael Lee

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