SUMMARY: Unplumbing interface associated with machine name

From: Thien Vu <thien_at_ucdata.Berkeley.EDU>
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 21:12:02 EST
Hi all,

I got great advise from:

Steven Ozoa
Chris Cariffe
Mike Salehi
Wesley Suess

I went ahead and ran:
	$ ifconfig hme0 unplumb
	$ rm /etc/hostname.hme0

And everything's working beautifully now! There were several suggestions
to 'ifconfig hme0 down' but I *really* needed to get the interface to
disappear and routes to be updated, and bringing the interface 'down'
instead of 'unplumb' doesn't update the routes.

The original posting is below.


On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, Thien Vu wrote:

> Hi gurus,
> I have a fairly quicky question.
> I have a machine named X. It has 2 network cards, hme0 is associated with
> the hostname (X here is same as the machine name). The second
> network card is hme1 and is associated with (X-100 is
> naming convention for private network).
> The problem is that the network card associated with should
> never have existed, this machine should only exist on the private network.
> I'm thinking that the best way to resolve this problem is to unplumb that
> interface, but wanted to make sure that unplumbing hme0 would not result
> in any wierd problems with having the machine name not associated with any
> interface or network address.
> Thanks,
> Thien
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