SUMMARY: Solaris 8 and CD-RW questions (and others)

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 13:23:34 EDT
Folks -

Here's my summary (a bit late).  Thanks to all that replied.


My original post (responses embedded):
> We're writing a proposal to go from OS/2 to Solaris and I have
> some questions about Solaris 8 and CD-RW drives, and some
> other stuff too:
> o I've heard that cdrecord is standard in Solaris 8.  Is that true?
>   If so, can someone send me the man page (I heard there's a list
>   of supported CD write drives on the man page).

Apparently cdrecord is part of the SunFreeWare collection, but is an old
version (1.6).  A newer version can be downloaded from

However cdrw (package SUNWcdrw) is available.

> o Can an external HP CD write drive be used on a Solaris 8 system?
>   Our Sun rep doesn't know (and it's not a very PC question :-).

Basically any SCSI drive should work.  Folks have reported problems with
EIDE drives, but we'll be going SCSI.

> o Can an external CD write drive be bootable for a Solaris 8 system?
>   We'll probably need to be making our own JumpStart boot CDs to be
>   installed on Netra's in a remote location.  Since we need CD write
>   capability, we'd need to have external CD drives and want to use
>   them as boot drives as well.  Will this work?

The drives need to be able to be configured for 512-byte sectors and
configured as scsi id 6, but most recently manufactured drives should
work.  See

> o What is the disk drive vendor for the Netra T1 disks?  Have they
>   been reliable?

The best answer was from Christophe Dupre:
|| Sun get their hard disks from Seagate, IBM and Fujitsu. Disks from
|| these manufacturers selected by Sun have the same general specs in term
|| of capacity and performance. The disks are burned in by Sun before
|| shipping to customers and may have a custom firmware. They are all very
|| reliable, in my experience.

Relavent links (from David Foster):
> Joerg Schilling's cdrecord
> cord.html
> d.html
> webCDwriter : Web-based Java client for network multi-user cd-writes
> SCG and FBK drivers (necessary for CDRecord on Solaris)
> Joerg Schilling's other links:
> Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ

More relavant links (from Dennis Martens):

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