SUMMARY: Removing lines after getting perticular text

Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 08:36:14 EDT
Thanx to those who replied so fast, all the answer were good 
Mentioning some of the good answers .......
First one is really good..........Answer are mentioned at the end
origianl question
Dear Gurus........ 
I need help on {awk ,sed, grep , egrep} 
I want single line command or small script which 
can do following thing........ I want to grep for 
perticular text i.e big file which contains a lot of text as below 
For e.g. my file is text1.txt which contains following lines 
I want help on sun pls help me 
Now I want to grep for all occurances of text "I want help on * pls help me"

and then I want that this line and 5 lines below it( which is not fixed
format of text) will be ommited and rest 
of the data I should be able to take in some other file. 
that is my new file for e.g. text2.txt should contain only 

Carsten B. Knudsen []

sed '/your-search-pattern/{N;N;N;N;N;d;}'
Andy Bach []
my $found_it = 0;
while (<>) {
  if ( /I want help on (.+) pls help me/ ) {
    $found_it ++;
    my $res = <> for 1 .. 5;
  print if $found_it;
Glass, David (UDB) []
awk '{ 
if(++s>5)print $0 
}' input_file > output_file
Dan Lowe []

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