SUMMARY: Hardware specs for E2000

From: Dennis Martens <>
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 21:12:04 EDT
I was after specs for an E2000, which I had mistakenly said that we were likely to "inherit".  The overwhelming opinion was to forget it. What I didn't say was that we are looking to house the E2000 for another Unit; we were not going to pay money for it.

Initial thanks to Michael Sullivan for identifying the box as a SPARCcenter2000, and for giving me approximate details.

Thanks to Justin Stringfellow and Joseph Herpers for the detailed specs. 

 And to those who claimed that there is no such animal as an E2000, we now all know it by its real name. Unfortunately the name had been misrepresented to me in the first place. 

 In a nutshell, the details are:

A Sparc Center 2000(E) has the following specs:
142.2 x 74.9 x 97.2  (HxWxD in cm)
358.5Kg weight
15,000 BTU/h
3,500 watts
3,600 VA rating full load

Dennis Martens
Unix Administrator, BCISU
Queensland Health , Brisbane Australia
617 32340729

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