SUMMARY: grep-ing for a next line information

From: William Robertson <>
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 12:41:43 EDT
I have received many different interesting solutions
to my problem. This is defintitely the best mailing
list on the web... Oh well, this is the only mailing
list I am subscribed to.

Many special thanks go to:

Jed Dobson		Michael Auria
Steve Mickeler		John Hughes
Sanjiv K.Bhatia		John Leadeham
Grant, Dave		Dennis Martens
Junmin Liu		Dan Lowe
Scott McCool		ed.rolison
David Meissner		Ernst-Gunar Ortlepp
todd.a.fiedler		Christian Iseli
Lumpkin, Buddy		Christopher L. Barnard
Andy Bach		Julian, John C
Heilke, Rainer		Nelson, Lincoln

sorry if I missed anyone.

Almost all solutions worked for me but I chose the
suggestion that came from John Leadeham: 
sed -n '/The number of e-mails .*ted is/{;n;p;}'

Sorry I cant list all other solutions but here are
some of them:

nawk '/rejected/{x=NR+1; print x}' filename
grep -A 1 "The number of e-mails accepted is:" | tail
for line in `grep -n print | cut -d ":"
-f 1`
	number=`expr $line + 1`
sed -n '/e-mails/{
s/\n/ /
}' filename | awk '{print $NF}'
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
while (<>) {
  if ( /^The number of e-mails (rejected|accepted)
is:/ ) {
    my $count = <>;
    printf('%s: %d", $1, $count);
}   # while 
perl <your log file here>

awk '
/rejected/ {
	print $0
}' filename
awk '/rejected/' <filename>
Then have your script increment NR which is the
current record
number.  I think it's something like '++NR'.
Then {print $0}

This is my original Question:
I need to write a script (sed, grep, or awk) that will
search for a specific text in a file then based on
that searched text I need to grep the next line
information only. So I am only concerned about the
next line information not the first searched text.

Example: The File contains the following information:
The number of e-mails rejected is:
The number of e-mails accepted is: 

End of file.

How do I grep "75" based on a search made to
I know I can accomplish this by grep-ing for line
number of the file but that will not work since the
file line numbers keep changing.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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