SUMMARY: Undocumented Solaris Kernel e-cache tunables

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. (AAS) <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 08:57:38 EDT
Just 3 responses:
1. Check the Solaris Tunables Page... I would not have posted this if it is
2. Check ...  oh c'mon....
3. A fella that indeed has the same lines (msram block) in /etc/system but
would not *dare* know the details....

I understand the few responses and I respect your positions on this (and the
NDA's....). It's just that I am kept wondering why it seems to be still kept
in wraps -- non-searhacable in SunSolve and undocumented in even the Solaris
8 7/01 adjusted kernel tunables document.

Better to bury this issue?

Thanks all...


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> List:
> I've been searching for documentation on SunSolve on the following kernel
> tunables:
> set ecache_calls_a_sec=1
> set ecache_scan_rate=1
> set ecache_is_mirrored=1
> but came up with absolutely nothing. Some of you may know ---these are
> entries for the 400mhz/8mb ecache cpu's and their mirrored e_cache
> replacements...
> Anyone dare/care to divulge what you know?  
> Thanks.
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