SUMMARY: Flash PROM upgrade for Ultra 10

From: Tony Tran <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 15:12:13 EDT
Thanks to the following people:

Funther Feuereisen <>
Michael Horton <>
Geoff Reed <>
Joseph Herpers <>

The current versions are:

To upgrade, download the latest patch 106121-14 from sunsolve
and follow the instructions from the attached README.
Basically you will copy the file "flash-update-Ultra510-latest" to
the root level directory; move the jumper JP2 from 1+2 (write protect) to
2+3 which is write-enable. Then shutdown your desktop. At ok prompt, issue  the
command "boot disk /flash-update-Ultra510-latest" and it will do the rest.
Verify the Flash PROM version with the command such as ".version" command at
the ok prompt or "prtdiag -v" command at the multi user mode.
Don't forget to move the JP2 jumper back to 1+2 position after you are done
The whole process took me about 5-10 min and is very straight forward.


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