From: Osama Ahmed <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 15:58:49 EDT
Thanks for:
Andrew Ambrose []
McCaffity, Ray []
Sarah Eckhause []
Ryan A. Krenzischek []
Kevin Amorin []
Mike Salehi [ ]
Irfan Khan []
eyal Edri []
And Brett Lymn [] who supply the correct
Here's the original question: 
> Hi Gurus,
> When entering single user mode and try to run the format command the
following appears: 
> # format
> searching for disks
> Unable to open /dev/tty 
> Any clue ?
That will happen if you are dropped into single user mode due to a
problem with the machine (bad disk or unclean file system). 
File Systems already mounted(mount -a won't make any difference) and
drvconfig will not solve the problem. Also eeprom will not help.
The solution is to do a reboot -- -s (boot -s) to properly enter single
user mode and then format will work fine.
Thanks again to Brett Lymn who hit the correct solution.
Cheers !
Osama Ahmed

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