SUMMARY:Need help accessing a directory

From: comp question <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 14:57:09 EDT
    Thanks, as always, to those who replied.  Maybe I did not clearly 
explain my original posting well enough, but most of the answers gave me the 
basic operations to perform (ie chmod 777 /us/lib/macros, rm -R 
/usr/lib/macros,etc.)  Unfortunately, I tried all of these and many more 
prior to posting.  As of yet I have not gotten a final answer to this 
problems.  The best answer I received was to put the machine in single-user 
mode and try the operations form there.  However, that will not be possible 
for quite some time as this is a production machine.  I will post again once 
I get this resolved.  Thanks

I have a directory that appeared on my last reboot and is causing some 
problems for my backup software.  The problem is a directory 
/usr/lib/macros, which has the permissions:
dr-xr-xr-x root root 1 Sep 2 19:07 macros
   For some reason I cannot access, remove, change, cd, etc into this 
directory.  Before you ask, yes I am root when trying this.  I have tried 
and ls -l on the dir but cannot see it (permission denied), I have tried 
chmod -f, rm and ln -s /usr/lib/macros /tmp/macros but all not allowed me 
access the directory.  Any ideas, or suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

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