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Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 13:18:53 CST

Thanks very much for your help:

Ester Muller
Scott Balfour
Moti Levy
Brian Scanlan
Rodney Wines
Michael Miller
Lucia Gonzalez
Baurjan Ismagolov
Dan Lowe
Jon M. Hayden
Parmjit Sangha
Leif H. Ericksen
Larry Garrett
Mark Neill
Chad Price
Robert Fulwiler
Bill Hebert


> Hi to everyone,
> I'm a litle confused with installation of packages. I have just
> installed Solaris 2.51 in a SS10, and would like to install some pakages
> from, basically GNU software (gcc, gzip, bash ...)
> Last week I was reading the documentation in and tried to
> install gzip.
> The package was succesfully installed, but in the directory
> /opt/FSFgzip.
> Now, I have to add that directory to my PATH to use it. That's confused
> me.
> Have I to add /opt/xxx for each package installed ?
> What I have to do to install the man pages of the packages ?
> I would like to install the software with the other binaries, in
> /usr/local/bin or similar. is it possible ?
> Sorry if the question is very simple.
> Thanks.


Well, now I think this a feature, not a bug.
The best way to solve the problem is like this:

ln -s /opt/packageX/bin/xxx /usr/local/bin/xxx

The same with the man pages

ln -s /opt/packageX/man/manX/xxx.X /usr/man/manX/xxx.X

Other way to solve it, can be adding:

/opt/packageX/bin to $PATH
/opt/packageX/man to $MANPATH

This solution have the problem that the environment variables PATH and
MANPATH are always growing and growing.

Another solution could be download a package that installs in /usr/local

Thanks again.


Ximo Domenech

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