SUMMARY: [Q] JDK NOT Y2K compliant issue?

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Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 16:10:19 CST

Thank you for the answer. I list the answer I got:

1. I call SUN Java support engineer, they told me If I don't use
   Java to "development" the software, I don't need JDK. The
   "browser" does NOT use JDK. I even don't need remove it.

2. Most of the answer from this mail list told me. If i want
   remove the old JDK, there have 5 modules need remove.

The packages that need to be removed are, in order:
SUNWjvdem (Java demo programs)
SUNWjvman (Java man pages)
SUNWjvjit (JIT compiler - you may not have this one)
SUNWjvdev (Java development package)
SUNWjvrt (Java run-time package)

3. Some people mention installed new JDK does NOT require remove
old JDK, but old JDK take more space than new JDK. Some people
mention ORACLE use it's own Java JDK, NOT SUN JDK. one person
mention VM use JDK, I don;t know it true or NOT.

My original post:

>We have SUN Solarsi 2.6 and 2.7 installed on SUN Computer. I just run
>"sunscan" version 2.4 and got following output:
> Warning - Solaris Java
>The Java JDK installed in the standard path for this
>system is NOT Year 2000 compliant. If you are using this
>JDK to develop or run Java applications or applets, you should
>upgrade to a compliant version.
>Installed: 1.1.3n:1997.07.10
>Upgrade to: 1.1.7_08a, 1.1.8_09a, 1.2.1_03a or 1.2.1_04
>If you have installed and default to another version of the Java
>JDK that is Year 2000 compliant, you may disregard this warning.
>For more information on Java JDK Year 2000 compliant
>versions, please see:
>I go to the web site "" and
>read the "readme" file. It only tell me how to installed new verion of
>JDK, but it did not tell me how to remove old version. My question are:
> 1. Do I need JDK or not? the computer we have are database servers
>(ORACLE or progress).
> 2. when install new verion do I need remove old verion of JDK?
> 3. If I need remove old verion of JDK which module (SUNW????) should I

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