SUMMARY #2: Pwd fails in directory mounted from VMS

From: Patrick L. Nolan (pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 16:15:08 CST

It's time to eat some crow. When I sent out my first summary yesterday, I
thought the problem was solved. Apparently it was a transient solution or
I was confused, because the problem was back full strength this morning.
/bin/pwd just wouldn't work in some mounted directories.

Based on the advice of more than a dozen responses, I thoroughly checked
the permissions of the mount point. It was 777. I changed it to 755 and
remounted a couple of times, then back to 777. This had no effect. I made
sure to use a userid with proper group privileges for the directory.

Then I decided to back out all changes that had been made in the last month.
Supposedly it worked OK a month ago. First I removed AFS and the associated
additions in /etc/pam.conf. That didn't help. Then I went back to the
64-bit kernel (AFS works only with the 32 bit kernel). Bingo! The problem
went away! (cross fingers)

So, it seems that the Solaris 7 32-bit kernel on an Ultra 5 has some odd
properties. Ugh. I'm giving serious thought to reverting to 2.6.

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