SUMMARY is /sbin/sulogin dangerous ?

From: Lucio Chiappetti (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 09:59:26 CST

> OK, so you don't read the list regularly, but please send a summary of the
> answers to the list. If I am wrong and sulogin is dangerous, I (and
> probably many others) sure want to know it.

Here it is (the summary). I have collected enough responses to tell that
/sbin/sulogin is not dangerous despite its ominous name, only its messages are

Thanks to Casper Dik, domahony, yann, Salehi Michael E, Iain Rae, David
Mitchell, Ronald Loftin, Tim Carlson, Richard Butler.

To the latter goes the prize for clarity about the message :

> > Entering System Maintenance Mode
> > $

which I do get on our 2,5.1 systems with standard security (other said on 2.7
only root can issue it, but we have good reasons to stay with 2.5.1).

> I don't think it is dangerous - just stupid of Sun. In practice the $
> prompt is just an sh shell, exactly as if the user had typed the command
> sh.

> The message is a typical computer error message, that often has nothing to
> do with the real cause. [...] Question for Sun - why not just refuse to do
> anything if the system is already up?

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