SUMMARY : Vendors providing SUN support

Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 13:49:17 CST

Hello managers,
  We have a couple of machines that are being EOL'd by
SUN and management is not keen on upgrading the
hardware. We have always had a SUN support contract so
this will be a totally new scenario out here. I was
wondering whether I could get some information on
vendors that provide 24 X 7 support ( like SunSpectrum
support contracts ) and are located in and around the
Detroit region. Any information in this matter will be

Suggestions included
1. Digital/Compaq
2. Grumman Sysytems Support
   Troy, MI. 810-589-9250 (local office)
3. Sprint-Paranet
4. Sorbus
5. SUN !!! Jonathan Loh informed me that SUN would still
support the machine , but the cost of the support would
be higher.

I haven't had time to contact any of the vendors as we
are in the midlle of a conversion. I guess I'll contact
the SUN rep and see what the deal is. If that doesn't
work out, I'll try the other vendors mentioned.

Terry Haupt
Miller Sutfin
Howard Boggs
Kelvin White
Johnathan Loh

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